Step Your Instagram Game Up With the Smart Selfie


The word “selfie” was added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2013, officially cementing our narcissistic habit in the lexicon and culture forever. There are allegedly over 1 million selfies taken on a daily basis, so it takes effort and ingenuity to come up with ways to earn those likes. Sometimes your arms just aren’t long enough to get a good shot. And it isn’t a selfie if someone else takes it, right? Now you don’t have to worry about some stranger at a tourist hotspot running away with your phone. You can whip the Satechi Smart Selfie Extension Arm Monopod out of your backpack and snap your own shots.

It’s a cool, slender, lightweight device that works for iPhones as well as iOS and Android smartphones, allowing you to take sick selfies that capture your awesomeness as well as the background behind you. It’s perfect for group selfies – usies, if you will – and for those trips to majestic natural sites, think Yosemite or the Grand Canyon. The selfie arm can position your phone to 3 feet away, creating that perfect wide angle shot and holding your phone steady. You snap the photo from the device’s integrated control buttons, and just like that you’ll be the envy of all the other selfie snappers. It’s the perfect holiday gift for the narcissist in your life! Get yourself a Selfie Extension Arm Monopod at and

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