Sterling Challenge: Romantic Date Night Dinners at Home

My husband is a restaurant owner and manager – which is great for me. It means I eat very well and my apartment is always stocked with booze. But it also means that he works weekends and doesn’t get home most nights until after eleven. So when he has the occasional evening off, it’s a bit of a predicament: Do we go out to eat and have a fancy night on the town or do we get in our pajamas and enjoy some quality time at home?

While I love getting dressed up, my poor sleepy significant other often votes for TV time and sweatpants. My inner couch potato relishes these nights, but they’re usually not the most romantic occasions. So when I think we're due for a dose of romance, I have to put in a little extra effort to make our evenings special…

Fresh Flowers and Candles
Yes, my husband is a boy… But even boys appreciate aesthetics. Pretty fresh arrangements and glowing candles set a relaxing mood.

Turning Off the TV
Don’t worry — it’s just for a little bit. The boob tube goes back on right in time for American Horror Story. But when we’re out to a restaurant, we can’t watch Jeopardy, so we shouldn’t at home either. It’s all about conversation and catching up. (A little “how was your day?” goes a long way.)

Forgoing the Sweats
Again, this is temporary. It’s just nice to put in a little effort for each other.

Wining and Dining
While Dan (I’m tired of referring to him as my husband – you get it) could easily bring home food from the restaurant or we could easily order in (which we do far too often), there’s something rewarding about making a meal for a romantic date night. You can rarely go wrong with a roast (and it’s so easy!). And then of course I pour us each a big glass of Sterling Cabernet. It's the perfect pairing … just like me and Dan!

What are your ideas for a romantic dinner date at home? How do you make your evenings special? What do you serve? Submit your ideas, tips, and videos on Sterling’s Facebook page. You could earn the opportunity to compete in Sterlings Ultimate Hostess Challenge in NYC in December. I'm one of the judges — along with Padma Lakshmi! The big winner will get a trip to Napa, a cash prize, and more!

Submissions end today, so enter now!

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