Stop The Self-Tanner Slip-Ups


A golden glow is a summer beauty staple, but achieving the look isn’t so easy on your own. Aside from the health risks associated from soaking up the sun, its alternative can lead to spotty, streaky skin that can cause you to cover up when the heat is on. We turned to Bella Schnieder, aesthetician extraordinaire and owner of LaBelle Day Spas, to share her sage wisdom to help everyone avoid the orange look and achieve beautifully bronzed skin.

Choose Wisely
Just like your favorite foundation, the best self-tanner should suit your needs. There are a slew of self-tanners lining the shelves that you might gravitate toward, but Schnieder suggests sticking to a few basics regardless of which formula you favor. “The variety of self-tanners is great today. There are many choices available for all skin tones—fair to dark. What is best for some is not necessarily best for others. Self-tanners are now offered in mousses, creams, sprays, on towels, etc. It's an individual preference,” she said. “As a rule, however, you want to choose a self-tanner that is not too drying to the skin and not too orange and has a pleasant scent.”

Slough to Smooth
Silky skin provides the best base for a seamless tan, but a scrub might not be enough. Schnieder believes shaving is essential for a smooth treatment, and Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive provides a closer shave for optimal application. Thanks to its Protective Ribbon of moisture, self-tanner won’t sink in too far on your legs and darken past your desired shade. But don’t forget to moisturize the rest of your body. “The best way to achieve a streak-free, even tan is to exfoliate and hydrate your entire body in the shower before applying self-tanner,” she said.

Keep Friends Handy
You’re not the only one out to get golden brown, so why not ask for a little help? Friends can ensure you’ve hit all those nooks and crannies you can’t easily reach and will have gloves, lotions, and barrier cream on hand prior to application to avoid stained skin. They scratch your back, and you can scratch theirs. “If you can have another person assist in the application, that is ideal; however, one person can definitely manage,” Schnieder said. “Using gloves so the inside of one's hands don't turn dark is a step many people overlook. Also, it's important to put a barrier cream on places like elbows, the bottom of feet, and under arms.”

Stop the Spots
While your friend assists with your application, she can be the first to see a missed spot or a dark streak on the rise. “If this happens, rinse the darker spot with water and apply lotion to that area,” Schnieder said. “It will help blend it in. If you miss a spot, apply the self-tanner with some lotion to that area so it doesn't streak.”