Stop What You’re Doing and Watch the Trailer for Girls, Season 2!



In the weeks since Lena Dunham's first season of Girls ended, fans (and the show's Twitter account) have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Season 2. As an early holiday present, the first trailer for her sophomore effort just hit the web, and it's safe to say, the 1:50 trailer is only instigating and increasing everyone's desire for more from Hannah, Marni, Jessa, and Soshanna.

Though one of the characters seems to have figured it all out, with a spur of the moment wedding, Hannah, Marni, and Soshanna are still deep in the issues of being a twenty-something. Adam is now officially in stalking mode, Soshanna lost her virginity but gained a spooning partner, Marni's mom joins the cast for some choice commentary, and Hannah may or may not be wearing a yellow mesh top without a bra to a party on a Wednesday night.

Oh, and it should be noted, the trailer already provided at least four quote worthy Tweets, meaning your Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram feeds ar sure to be littered with Dunham brilliance. Not that we're complaining. In the slightest.

Set those DVRs for January 13th when the second season of Girls premieres on HBO!