Street Style You Can Emulate For Fashion Week


If you’re overwhelmed by the streams of styles that appear in front of the tents each year at Fashion Week, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve broken down three of the leading looks you’re sure to see this season as well as the key ingredients that make up each. There's sartorialist, normcore and avante garde–which street style represents you best?

Sartorialist style makes a statement through the tailored touches to an outfit. Focus on pretty, pulled together ensembles with a seamless quality from head to toe. Fashion Week attendees donning the look are often seen in crisp button downs paired with a mid-length feminine skirt and pointy pumps. Ladylike suits, blazers, and box clutches are also must-haves.

Nailing normcore relies on a minimalistic outfit that perfectly balances averageness and unpretentiousness with a level of chic fashion that seems natural and unforced. It’s about putting together laidback pieces that hint that the wearer “can’t be bothered with dressing up,” (boyfriend jeans, sneakers, loafers, tees, baggy sweaters, Birkenstocks etc.) in a smart and perfectly proportioned way that ends up looking cool and trendy.

The opposite of normcore, avante garde is a look that is strong as of late at Fashion Weeks worldwide. Fashionistas play with wild and crazy looks featuring bold prints, obscure styling, and statement making pieces. The look is pulled together by perfect proportioning and chic designer accessories.