Style, Beauty and Coca Cola?

First, it was reported that Coca Cola would be collaborating with the French pharmaceutical company, Sanofi, to launch a new beauty drink that claims to “strengthen hair and nails, embellish skin, lose weight, and improve vitality.” The drink, Beautifi, is available to limited number of outlets across France. Style Bistroasked, and we're curious too, would you ever try a drink that claims to make you, in essence, more beautiful?

With beauty under their belt, it looks like the soda brand is now taking on fashion.The international beverage company unveiled a clothing collection for Autumn/Winter 2013 at Fashion Rio. It hasn't been revealed whether or not the line will be available for the public, but if your guy's into unconventional, statement sportswear, bright blues, oranges and khakis, and boxy cuts, this just may be his couture calling. Check out the looks here.

Perhaps fashion and beverage bands are the teams of the future. Coca Cola's not the only one venturing into style. Evian recently had Diane Von Furstenberg design their latest bottle.

image via Design Taxi