Style Counsel: What To Wear To a Concert

1. Tigha Olivia Black Khaki Jacket With Leather Sleeves, available at Jades 24 for $359.68
2. Tiered Geometric Necklace, available at Urban Outfitters for $29
3. Cheap Monday's The Tight Jean in Very Stretch One Wash, available at Pop the Shop for $64
4. Doc Martens Black 'Darcie' Boot, available at Dr Martens for $70
5. MOTO Stripe Sleeveless Shirt in Khaki, available at Topshop for $56
6. Studded Suede Clutch in Khaki, available at Topshop for $76

Getting your live music fix during the post summer festival season means intimate, indoor venues and cozy, back alley clubs. Stick to comfortable shoes with a bit of lift to help you see over the crowd, a light jacket that can be slung over your purse if the room starts to heat up, and metallic accessories for a bit of subtle edge. We've put together your go-to gig getup, now all you have to do is get yourself to the show and enjoy those concert vibes.