Style Scoop: A Girl’s Royal Icon, McQueen’s Final Bow, Clutch Chanel’s New Pearls


We may question Marnie's judgment on HBO's Girls, but in real life, Allison Williamsladylike style is spot-on. Perhaps, we have royalty to thank for that. “When I was younger I played Princess Diana,” she told InStyle UK of her early theater days. “I was in junior high school and I wore a blonde wig. I was obsessed with her.” Kind of like Riri, no?! [InStyle]

It goes without saying that Alexander McQueen's life ended far too short, though we welcome a last look into his elusive world courtesy of photographer and artist Nick Waplington. The latter is responsible for documenting McQueen's final Fall 2009 collection, “The Horn of Plenty,” which is tracked from inception to completion in Alexander McQueen: Working Process. While Waplington keeps his personal thoughts on McQueen guarded, he regards the creative as “an artist, not a tabloid personality,” whose legacy deserves more than to be “turned into content.” [The Coveteur]

Chanel's new It accessory will have women ’round the world clutching their oversized pearls. The house's Spring 2014 earphone-like pearl necklaces, matching rings, and bracelets, are Karl Lagerfeld's ode to Coco Chanel's original strands, updated to “give a beautiful light on the girl’s face.” We've already seen the big baubles on the covers of Vogue AustraliaVogue Italia, and Harper's Bazaar UK; and adorning Miley Cyrus. Who will make the #CCCertified statement next? [Fashionista]

We may celebrate Lagerfeld's successes at the houses of Chloe, Chanel, and Fendi, but before we crowned him kaiser, he was a young designer at Tiziani. Auctioneers at Florida's Palm Beach Modern Auctions are hoping sketches from his early tenure there bring in big bucks. “It was not meant to be art, but as 50 years have gone by, it has become art because it was done by Lagerfeld,” said Rico Baca, owner of the auction house. [Telegraph]

With 2014 comes the chance to start anew… and the power to hold Shopbop in the palm of your hand. The designer dotcom is now mobile with its first iPhone app—sorry Android warriors—which boasts personalization features, push notifications, and better zoom than its website. [WWD]

The art of filmmaking has yielded plenty of fashion fantasies over the decades; none, however, as abiding as bombshell Marilyn Monroe's white halter dress from The Seven Year Itch. The ensemble has been deemed the most iconic costume in film history by the British Heart Foundation, followed by Dorothy's ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz and Sandy's finale look in Grease. [Telegraph]