Style Scoop: Ariel Foxman Wants to Hire You, Tavi Has Audrey Hepburn’s Gloves, Lupita Snaps Back


If InStyle magazine’s editor-in-chief could give you any tips when it comes to landing your next big gig, it’s to ask for it. “I’m amazed today in so many interviews that I’ve done, how few people say that they want the job,” Ariel Foxman said. “Maybe people are shy, or think it’s presumptuous. I say to people, ‘Okay, I’ll read your resume, tell me why should we hire you?’ And people always repeat their resume. To anyone who reads this piece: In an interview, I would recommend you say, ‘If I leave you with one thought, I really want this job. And if you pick me, I will want this job every day that I am here and I will be really good at it.’” [Fashionista]

Blogger, writer, and sometimes Broadway actress, Tavi Gevinsonwas gifted something really special for her 18th birthday. For instance, a pair of brown leather gloves that once belonged to Audrey Hepburn! “These gloves belonged to Audrey Hepburn, who then gave them to Winona Ryder when she was 18,who I know and who gave them to me this weekend.” [The Cut]

This just in! Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o isn’t just gorgeous and accomplished, she’s witty, too! The 31-year-old posted to Instagram that she had her first paparazzi stakeout at the beach. It didn’t hurt that she wearing a white scalloped bikini and a belly chain. [Instagram]

Yesterday we reported that no one would dress Melissa McCarthy for the Oscars and today we announce that she’s starting her own clothing line! “Trying to find stuff that’s still fashion-forward in my size is damn near impossible,” the actress said back in 2011. “It’s either for like a 98-year-old year old woman or a 14-year-old hooker, and there is nothing in the middle.” [Glamour]

Ladies, prepare your décolletage region, Cara Delevingneand Jourdan Dunn want to make “nipsies” a thing. In a moment of solidarity for Rihanna and her ongoing #NippleGate, the supermodels think we all free our nipples–starting with selfies. [Elle]