Style Scoop: Graydon Carter Makes the Hall of Fame, Tavi Takes Broadway, Yahoo for Bobbi Brown


Let’s all have a round of applause for Mr. Graydon Carter. The American Society of Magazine Editors is pleased to announce that Carter will be inducted into the Magazine Editors’ Hall of Fame at the National Magazine Awards Annual Dinner at the New York Marriott Marquis on May 1, 2014. “Few journalists are as influential—and as well known—as Graydon Carter,” Sid Holt, Chief Executive of ASME said of Vanity Fair’s editor. Cheers all around! [GLAM Inbox]

Next up for blogger Tavi Gevinson? Taking Broadway! Rookie’s founder and editor-in-chief has proven her chops as a writer (she wrote the Miley Cyrus cover story for Elle’s May issue) and now will star in the revival of Kenneth Lonergan’s play This Is Our Youth alongside Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin as Jessica an “anxiously insightful” fashion student. The play will only run 20 weeks on Broadway, from September through January 2014. What can’t this girl do?! [Fashionista]

Days after Yahoo announced it would shut down it’s women-centric site, Shine, Bobbi Brown was named Yahoo’s beauty editor-in-chief, with a new page expected to roll out in June that will include videos, advice ,and product recs—but don’t think Brown will have an agenda. “This is not going to be the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics channel,” she told Women’s Wear Daily. “I am approaching this as a journalist. I’ve appeared on Good Morning America and the Today show for the last 15 years and I’ve never taken the opportunity to just push my own brand. This will be a brand-agnostic site.” Shine on, Yahoo. [Women’s Wear Daily]

Bargain shoppers, rejoice! Loehmann’s is being resurrected in May as a online-only shopping site for a verrry specific demo. “Research tells us the younger customer shops online,” the site’s new owners, CAK Entertainment, said. “They want to have a dialogue with brands about what they want to see and what brands they want. We are going to talk to them, helping with the product and brand selection. They will tell us what they want and help us with our buying.” They sure will. [Glamour]

Dior is coming to Tribeca Film Festival by way of Raf Simons’ 89-minute documentary premiering April 17th. Titled Dior and I, the film will chronicle the creative process as the new designer created his Dior debut in just two months. As you can imagine, this made Simons nervous. “Indeed, I was not too keen on it actually, if you want to know the truth,” he said. “You know, it’s scary and it would be a lot for people who are not actors because it has nothing to do with acting.” [Women’s Wear Daily]

Here at GLAM, we admit that there are certain things no woman should be without. For instance, an all-purpose hair flip. Not exactly sure how it should look? Here’s a GIF guide. Flip responsibly, kids. [The Luxury Spot]

Headed to Coachella? Come party in the sky with Forever 21 and Azealia Banks on Saturday, April 12th! In addition to guest DJs, two gifting suites, there will be a lift… if you dare. A 20-foot VIP party pod that will be suspended above the main event dubbed #Cranechella. [GLAM Inbox]