Style Scoop: Philip Treacy Dotes on the Diva, Swatch Turns 30, Vogue Remembers Marcus von Ackermann,


He's draped the heads of stars like Grace Jones and Lady Gaga, so it's no wonder that renowned milliner Philip Treacy is the go-to hat maker for divas far and wide. “Name a diva, I’ve worked with them,” he said in an interview with Grazia Daily. “Mind you, it’s more that I’ve ended up with them; I didn’t set out to have that niche. It’s amazing though… you really get to know someone when you make them a hat, and I know so many because my clientele is very diverse.” Including the one star he doesn't put in the diva category at all, Sarah Jessica Parker. “She’s one of these pop culture characters that everybody likes,” he explained. “The difference with her is that she’s a very nice person.” [Grazia Daily]

Swiss watchmaker Swatch is turning 30 this year and celebrating with an exhibit at the 55th Venice Biennale art festival this July. The purveyor cool, funky, and classic timepieces will set up a two-part Swatch Faces spectacular, one that features work from 16 artists who've stayed at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai, and a second with portraits of notable people born in 1983 when Swatch was born. [WWD]

Condé Nast is paying homage to former Men in Vogue editor Marcus von Ackermann who passed away earlier this week. The pioneering eye was responsible for Vogue's monthly highlight of men's style. “I always looked forward to hisMen In Vogue pages and adored his sense of color —the first time I'd seen that knack of bringing British classic tradition together with a European flair,” Vogue journalist Sarah Mower said to the British edition of the glossy. “Marcus was always so well-dressed too; he was a walking version of his pages.” [Vogue UK]

A royal showcase fit for the Queen is being set up this fall, but not for who you'd expect. No Queen Elizabeth II or Beyoncé here—we're talking the most powerful piece in a game of chess. A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes, Fashion, and Chess will display art, photography, clothing, and film that represents society's perspectives on femininity and power from the game to real life, with pieces from Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Maison Martin Margiela, Viktor & Rolf, and more. [GLAM Chic]

Who knew the vegan behind Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics would be a tattooed creative who quotes Little Shop of Horrors and once owned 42 bottles of shampoo and conditioner at the same time? That, in a nutshell, is New Jersey native and OCC founder, CEO, and creative director David Klasfeld. In fact, he named the cult makeup line after the disorder he was diagnosed with at age 14. For him, it's not about following in fashion's footsteps, but aligning himself with individualism and free expression. “Pop culture has almost entirely eclipsed fashion,” Klasfeld said in reference to the new drag queen spokesmodels who front his Lip Tar and nail lacquer campaigns. “It really all trickles down from drag queens because they’re so unencumbered by societal constraints that they’re able to create art on their face. A Web site like TMZ has more influence over beauty trends than any runway show.” [New York Times]

If you dare to fake on Tory Burch, prepare for a battle… in court. The designer's eponymous lifestyle brand filed a suit against four wholesalers who sale counterfeit Burch baubles with a similar TT signature. “The company has long been vigilant in defending our intellectual property, and will continue to take counterfeiting and copyright infringement seriously,” said Tory Burch president of corporate develpoment and chief legal officer Robert Isen. “It is an ongoing formidable challenge impacting our entire industry.” [WWD]