Style Scoop: Reed Krakoff Packs His Bags, Ralph Lauren Settles Claims, Gwyneth’s in Trouble for Hawking Kiddie ‘Kinis


Just we when thought Reed Krakoff and Coach were destined to sail away together into the world of womenswear, Krakoff has abandoned ship! After 16 years, he is no longer Coach's Creative Director. He is excited to focus on his own label and embark on the next phase of his career, so we wish him the best of luck. Bon Voyage! [Glam Chic]

Ralph Lauren is no longer being accused of bribing government officials. It only took $1.6 million dollars in fines to clear the charges brought on when it a manager at a subsidiary in Argentina bribed government officials with gifts like perfume, dresses, and handbags for forged paperwork clearing and avoiding inspection on the items. Though it might sound like a pretty penny, Women's Wear Daily is reporting this was a very lenient punishment. [Fashionista]

Looks like Gwyneth Paltrow found herself in trouble with a British anti-child abuse advocacy group, Kidscape, for selling bikinis to four to eight year olds in the latest edition of her GOOP newsletter. Where things get sticky, is the caption, which reads, “great for for girls who want to look grown up.” Kidscape thinks she's sexualizing young children. Oh, Gwynie. [Jezebel]

Anna Wintour axed Vivienne Westwood's forty-foot-long Styrofoam nude statue that was to be an interactive part of the Met's upcoming exhibit, PUNK: Chaos to Couture exhibit allowing participants to project graffiti onto it with the Internet and their phones. We think this is Conde Nast's new Artistic Director is wielding her power wisely. Stay classy, Met. [The Huffington Post]

Stella McCartney sure knows how to sew for her supper. McCartney was just named the new patron of Designer for Tomorrow, replacing Marc Jacobs (he was the first high-profile designer the contest worked with) to help review applications from up and coming designers in Europe. The winner will be announced during Berlin Fashion Week in July. [Vogue UK]

Let it be known that British Retailer Matches is now known as This is the result of steady efforts of the expanding online editorial team with additions like Kate Blythe from Net-a-porter, Stuart Reed from Wednesday, ex-Vogue online fashion editor Tilly Macalister-Smith, and the former assistant fashion editor at The Guardian, Simon Chilvers to provide a seamless experience online. [Women's Wear Daily]

The world's first supermodel, according to, well, herself, Janice Dickinson, is filing for bankruptcy. She is in $1 million in debt and a large chunk of that, goes to Dr. Uzzi Reiss, an anti-aging specialists and her dermatologist. But, she is taking the steps to pay everyone back she told Radar Online. We're not sure how long that could take, considering Dickinson hasn't had the best professional track record, insulting Anna Wintour, Tyra Banks and Lady Gaga. [The Huffington Post]

It's all about the little things. Nina Garcia found pure joy in zipping up garment bags during her internships in the early days. “I didn't really care if I was there until midnight, I didn't care if I had to be in the closet unzipping garment bags–for me it was the wonder of being able to unzip a garment bag and have a Jean Paul Gaultier, a Dior gown came out, that to me was everything.” It is everything, Nina, it is everything. [BuzzFeed]