Style Scoop: Suzy Menkes’ New Role, Fashion Week Location Issues, and Posh Spice’s Sneakers


We're used to seeing Victoria Beckham in swoon-worthy heels and elegant dresses. Sneakers? Not so much. We now have proof that the fashionable mommy invests time and effort into her fitness, all thanks to a well placed Tweet the singer turned designer sent out. [Huffington Post]

Martha Stewart's been nothing short of vocal lately, touting her love for online dating. Now she's jumping into the world of fashion, and expressing her appreciation for Vince! She said, “”I love Vince [leggings .] These are fantastic. I wear them all the time because, actually, they fit me. I don't have to even try them on in the store. I know that if I buy my size, I will get a fit.” [Fashionologie]

Suzy Menkes is a powerful and constant name in the fashion industry, and it looks like she's getting a snazzy new title to go along with her stylish intelligence. The fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune was just named the international fashion editor of the International New York Times. It will be a new version of the IHT, coming later this year. [WWD]

It's no secret that everyone is obesssed with Pinterest. How obsessed though? According to a study, Chanel—a brand that's not even on Pinterest—accrues 400 pins and 3,600 repins a day from users, followed by Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. [Mashable]

Has Fashion Week overstayed its welcome at Lincoln Center? Residents are mad that the park is closed off to regular use for such an extended part of the year – putting NYC and the parks department in a difficult position: appease the neighborhood or take advantage of the monetary gain. [Glam Chic]