Style Setters: Content Creators and Image Makers, Amina Akhtar

Elle,, New York Times, and New York magazine. During her time in the fashion world,Amina Akhtar has brought her unique mix of digital experience and print knowledge to some of the industry's most important publications. As the current Executive Editor for, Amina took over the reigns from Keith Pollack, bringing her well trained and established aesthetic and talent to the site.

Tell us about your first Fashion Week experience.

My first Fashion Week experience was with back in oh, 2004. I worked mostly the evening hours to post collections overnight (a thankless task!), but was allowed to go to events during the day. I really can't recall much from those sleep-deprived days to be honest! But I will say every job is a stepping stone and I'm glad I did those late night hours!

Where are your favorite locations to file in between shows and events?

Anywhere with wifi! I live on my iPhone–I carry it in my hand at all times! So as long as there's a decent connection, I can file. Hopefully all connection issues at venues have been sorted out!

Where will you be wining and dining this season?

My favorite place is Zampa–a cute little Italian wine bar/restaurant right near Milk. It's cute, it's not far from everything, but it's also not crowded. And the wine and food is delicious.

What was your first job in the industry?

My first job back in 1999 (I'm old!) was as the assistant to Laurie Jones. She taught me so much–she was tough but fair. I have always appreciated that about her.