Style Setters: Content Creators and Image Makers, Andrew Walker

As one of Getty Images' main photographers, Andrew Walker travels the globe snapping celebrities, fashion designers, models, and industry insiders at events, film festivals and shows from Dubai to New York and everywhere in between. With major photography experience around the world, his images span the Internet, bringing the view from his lens to your life.

What is your favorite place to upload photos between shows and parties?

Fortunately, during Fashion Week and other large events, Getty has a team of photo editors on-site and they take care of all of my editing. It's a real luxury. When I don't have editor support, I edit from a nearby Starbucks or from home.

How many photos do you take at a party versus the amount you actually publish?

A general rule of thumb for event photography is to post 10%. Same goes for concerts. I probably post something like 20% for fashion runways and 3% of portraits.

What's the best photo you've ever taken?

That's a crazy question. “Best” is subjective and certainly relative to the type of photography. Because my assignments are diverse, I can't judge my “best”, but I do have some favorites. The most significant is the first photo I ever developed in the darkroom. It was a grainy, over-exposed image of a rose, but that was the start of my obsession with photography. I'm probably most proud of images I made while living in Bolivia and Nepal and hope to have a gallery exhibit soon. I've also made some great celebrity portraits: Freida Pinto, Shailene Woodley, Robert De Niro, Alan Cumming, Pee Wee Herman, Karolina Kurkova, Ed Harris and Owen Wilson are some of my favorites. Finally, I was really excited about an image from NY Fashion Week that ran as a half-page on the front of the NY Times Style section a couple years ago.

How can fashionistas capture your attention and look their best on camera?

Have a fashion opinion. Trust your fashion sense. Be brave, but not foolish. As soon as you try too hard, you risk looking cartoonish, and I will literally avoid you.