Style Setters: Content Creators and Image Makers, Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

Photographers Jamie Beck and husband Kevin Burg of From Me To You are changing the way we experience the world, one beautiful image at a time. The collaborative couple has mastered the art of the cinemagraph by adding subtle motion to still shots. Their work, like their love, is truly magical.

What's inspiring you now?

We are getting a lot of inspiration from amazing stylists right now. A great photograph is so contingent on the team of people are working toward the same goal and stylists, we feel, are unsung heroes of some of the greatest images in fashion. How they think, their vision, and all their quirks are major sources of inspiration.

What are the most stylish places in NY?

The Madison Avenue entrance to Barneys.

Where is your favorite place to shoot?

We love shooting in our studio downtown. We created an environment that feels like home so when people come in for shoots they are comfortable and therefore have the ability to make the best work.

What is the best photo you've ever taken:

We're always striving for that. To quote Scarlett O'Hara “After all… tomorrow is another day.”