Style Setters: Content Creators and Images Makers, Danica Lo

Though you may recognize Danica Lo from her time at Glamour, Racked, or the New York Post, she's now the Executive Editor at StyleBistro. Since beginning just a few months ago, she opened their New York office, increased the fashion content while staying true to their celebrity driven stories, and infused a bit of real girl style into the mix. We can't wait to see how the site transforms under her tutelage!

Tell us about your first Fashion Week experience.

At some point back in the day, I got the idea in my head that I wanted to be a model booker. So I spent the summer of 2000 interning at Marilyn Agency in New York, where I was in charge of trafficking portfolios, chaperoning new girls around the city on their daily go-sees, and babysitting supermodels' kids. It was awesome. My last week at the agency coincided with spring '01 collections, so my very first fashion week experience ever was going backstage with Marilyn's new faces director, Kwok, and hanging out with the Brazilian girls. To be honest, it's all a fog—I don't even remember whose show it was, I was so overwhelmed and starry-eyed about the whole thing. I just remember a haze of beautiful people, designer shoes and handbags, lots of sparkle, and a general sense of happiness and goodwill. After that, it was more than two years until I went to another show—at London Fashion Week.

Where is your favorite place to file stories between shows?

In between shows, I don't like to stray far. I'm a huge fan of all the brand lounges that spring up at the Empire Hotel and at other event spaces near Lincoln Center. But my absolute favorite place to sit and write on a sunny day is that big flat stone ledge directly across the piazza from the tents. Most people who sit there are reading books or eating sandwiches, so it's pretty quiet—and the vantage point means you can still scope out the comings, goings, and street style action.

Where will you be wining and dining this season?

Who has time to eat during Fashion Week? Just kidding. I love playing hooky from shows and spontaneously grabbing meals with long-lost fashion friends. I always try to get in a PJ Clarke's visit at least once during the week—after all, it's right there and, also, delicious. Right now, our new New York offices are on 26th and 6th, so I've been eating a lot of breakfasts at The Breslin and dinners at The NoMad. I'm probably not as into fancy-slash-cool places as I should be—my favorite industry dinners are always the ones where a bunch of good friends get together for a mid-week meal at a neighborhood Chinese.

What was your first job in the industry?

My first internship in the industry was at Marilyn Agency in the summer of 2000. But my first job in the industry was at the New York Post, where the amazing Faye Penn—now, founder and editor of Brokelyn—hired me on as a fashion writer. It was the biggest break anyone could have given me right out of school and the seven years I spent at the Post were the most valuable professional learning years of my career.