Style Setters: Social Media Influencer, Chrissy Teigen

One look at Chrissy Teigen's Twitter feed and we promise you'll be hooked. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model has a penchant for biting comments and hilarious late night rants, but also provides her followers with a healthy look into life as a model and a go-to location for must-try recipes.

When she's not jetting around the world for secret photoshoots and videos, Chrissy bunkers down in her East Village apartment (which she shares with finacee John Legend) or their Los Angeles home, whipping up epic meals that she later features on her blog, So Delushious.

Drool worthy food pictures, swimsuit snaps, and gratituous photos of her two puppies – need we say more?

What's the first social media platform that you look at in the morning and the last you check before bed at night?

Twitter, Twitter, and only Twitter. I don't stray! Mayyyybe Instagram? The Instagram that is linked to my Twitter, of course….

Who are you favorite five to follow?

This is always a tough question — there are so many people! Definitely my thoughts-soulmate @peels4life, @meganamram has the funniest 1-sentance jokes you've ever seen, love @foodnetwork — they inspire me for that night's dinner daily, @jennyjohnsonhi5 is great with celebrity tweets, and when @jennyandteets has people over — it's just amazing.

What hotspots will you be frequenting this season?

The rooftop at the NoMad Hotel sounds amazing!! I actually haven't been yet, but I decided it's already my new favorite spot. Daniel Humm is incredible – he's also the chef as Eleven Madison Park, which I think is one of the most delicious restaurants in New York. I've only heard rave reviews about the food and atmosphere at NoMad, and there's nothing better than eating outside in the Fall.

What new platform are you most excited to try next?

I'm very loyal to Twitter, but I've been hearing a lot about Pinterest lately. It sounds super useful! I feel like people are always sending me so many interesting links, stories, recipes, etc, so this would be a really cool way to stay organized.