Style Setters: Social Media Influencer, Jen Rubio

As the head of social media for Warby Parker, Jen Rubio translates the message of the one for one model by not only engaging with customers but also harnessing influencers and providing a look into the business, its founders, employees, growth, and the change it's having on those in need.

Through creative endeavors like Warby Walks to empower wearers to share their love for the brand with their followers and artistic Instagram photos to debut the new collection designs, Jen successfully melds the technology of social media with an aspirational and dreamy quality.

We caught up with Jen to talk about her preferred platforms, five favorite to follow, and where you'll find her after hours – on both coasts!

What is the first social media platform you look at in the morning and the last you check before you go to bed at night?

It's sick, but I check Twitter from bed first thing in the morning for news and good reads. I save all the links to Pocket to read in the cab to work or over coffee. The last platform I look at at night is Instagram—after long days of reading and talking, I love just being able to look at visuals from what people were up to all day.

Who are your favorite five to follow?

@partnersspadefor a peek inside the brains of Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti (you'll even find some behind-the-scenes Warby Parker stuff there), @ikedeani, who's made me fall in love with San Francisco just through his Instagram, fellow frequent flyer @collinhughes for jealousy-inducing travel pics, @hungryeditor for his great taste and mouth-watering food shots, and @samhorine—no explanation needed.

What hotspots will you be frequenting this season?

After work, I'm always up for a well-made cocktail in the East Village—Yamazaki old-fashioneds at Booker & Dax, a Dark & Stormy at Elsa, the entire tequila menu at Mayahuel, anything from The Wayland. The courtyard at The Standard East Village is an under-the-radar respite for afternoon meetings and early evenings. I'm too impatient for crowds and lines, so on the weekends, I'm more inclined to go exploring for cheap tacos, whiskey, and impromptu dance parties.

I also spend a lot of time in LA and never leave Venice without my staples: grabbing a breakfast sandwich at Gjelina Takeaway, unpretentious sunset drinks at High rooftop bar (complete with heaters and blankets for chilly Westside nights), and the best Italian dinners at Ado.

What new platform were you most excited to use during Fashion Week?

Viddy is the perfect Fashion Week platform—short, quick videos to document presentations, street style, after parties, and the general madness that is NYFW. A fifteen-second video can get across so much more than a photo.

What was your first Tweet?

If you pull up the first tweet on my account right now, it's something laughably poignant about having a fresh start… I did a big tweet purge when I started using Twitter “seriously,” whatever that means.