Style Setters: Social Media Influencer, Valentine Uhovski

As the new Fashion Evangelist for Tumblr, Valentine Uhovski has a very specialized job, with the most forward facing function being encouraging the fashion world to mark their own place on the Internet with a specialized Tumblr page. Since he began, Valentine's turned an already hugely successful platform into an absolute must for the fashion industry. And if you don't believe us – just look at Carine Roitfeld's site for her new glossy – it's a Tumblr.

What is the first social media platform you look at in the morning and the last you check before you go to bed at night?

Tumblr & Tumblr. I usually check our stats and key overseas blogs early in the morning, and then really go crazy at night with posting and exploring.

Who are your favorite five to follow?

I have new favorites every single week because of the volume of incredible blogs. The consistently brilliant ones on Tumblr this year for me have been: FashGifSexy-Sweaters.comAdriaColoradoBureauOfTrade, and HollywoodAssistants. But I can keep going and going.

What hotspots will you be frequenting this season?

Gagosian on 24th Street for opening of friend Richard Phillips’ new show on September 11. Am also excited about this La Maison du Croque Monsieur place that’s opening downtown, and I’m a dessert junkie so Macaron Café is where I often fuel in between shows. And then of course breakfasts, lunches, dinners, parties, and after-parties at The Standard.

What new social media platform were you most excited to use during Fashion Week?

Tumblr almost exclusively and our NYFW tag. The Scoop and Uber apps are very helpful during Fashion Week. Try getting a taxi after Alexander Wang’s show if you’re not chauffeured around.

What was your first Tweet?

Nothing groundbreaking. It still much easier for me to Tweet for Tumblr or for Art Ruby than for my own indulgence.