Styling Scandal: Lyn Paolo on Kerry Washinton vs. Olivia Pope


Let Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo tell it, Olivia Pope's style is for Olivia Pope alone… and for good reason.

“This is what I always tell everybody: Everybody has a different body,” she exclusively told GLAM at Scandal's Saks Fifth Avenue soirée. “No one has Olivia Pope's body. I don't have Olivia Pope's body. We're all different humans. I always say, find what looks great on you.”

That isn't just advised for the general public. Even the scene-stealing style that Kerry Washington serves up as the political fixer is developed solely for the script, not the real-life wardrobe wonder.

“Kerry is Kerry. Olivia Pope is Olivia Pope. We keep the two worlds separate,” Paolo added. “I try not to have her personal fashion impact the show's fashion because Olivia is just a very different person than Kerry Washington. When you see Kerry on the red carpet, she's stunning. She wears amazing colors and bright vibrants, and she's very fashion forward. Even though Olivia wears amazing clothes, she still has to operate in Washington, and she couldn't wear the things that Kerry Washington wears.”

Still, we'd be happy to raid either Pope's all-white-everything, or Washington's red carpet archives. Based on Paolo's sartorial Scandal teases, we may even need to call up a few designers to recreate Pope's impending ensembles.

“I'm madly in love with Christian Dior this season,” she teased. “Alexander McQueen—we'll have a lot of that on the show.”

With Max Mara, Burberry Prorsum, and Armani at her disposal, we can only imagine what Paolo has in mind to pair with Pope's proverbial white hat. While she doesn't advise mimicking Pope's look from head to toe (make it your own, people!), there is one thing to have in mind when pining for the presidential.

“I don't like things that are too frilly or too fussy,” Paolo started. “I know it's very feminine, but I say leave it for the weekend… Just go with what's classic. Don't fall for all of the fashion trends that are sometimes tragic three months later.”

That said, we're lacing up in classic black and white, and grabbing some Pope-approved wine to see what Washington will be wearing on the small screen tonight. Go #Gladiators!