Sultry Swimwear for Every Shape


With warmer months ahead, we're shedding layers and packing our weekend bags in anticipation of languid days spent by the pool and at the beach. A season filled with aquatic adventures calls for just as many swimsuit options. From crocheted one-pieces to sexier triangle tops and Brazilian bottoms, our swim wardrobe seems to be growing as quickly as our shoe closet. Regardless of your style preference, there’s something for everyone. Read on for an edited selection of our favorites, specifically tailored to flatter your body shape. Choose any—or all—of them to maintain your haute appeal throughout summer.

1. Mossimo Crochet 2 piece, $43

2. Mossimo Damask 2 piece, $43

3. Mossimo Corchet 1 piece, $39.99

4. Mossimo Geometric Print, $43

5. Clean Water Floral 1 piece, $39.99