Super Bowl Style: Scarlet and Gold Gear for Niner Nation


It's Super Bowl season, which means it's time to don football fashion with pieces that'll promote your team. For the ladies of Niner nation, it's all about the scarlet and gold as San Francisco takes on the Baltimore Ravens February 3rd. Undecided about who to root for come Sunday? Let us do some convincing. Two words: Colin Kaepernick. Two more: Jim Harbaugh. Because “nobody's got it better than us.” And last but not least, because you know what other fan favorite team sported scarlet and gold as their colors? Gryffindor- and everyone loved our hero Harry's house best.

1. Heart Stud Waist Belt, available at Forever 21 $8.80
2. Victoria's Secret San Francisco 49ers Hipster Panty Gift Set, available at AOL Shopping for $29.50
3. Trina Turk Palm Springs Classics Resin Ball Ring, available at Bloomingdales for $75
4. Miu Miu Noir Catwalk Sunglasses, available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $390
5. NFL 49ers Raglan Tee, available at Target for $18.74
6. The Sak Fontana Leather Flap Bag, available at for $119.20
7. Isotoner Chenille Pull on Hat, available at for $17.60
8. Bass Ashley, available at Zappos for $129
9. Reebok San Francisco 49ers Ladies Scarlet-Gold Striped Knee High Socks, available at Yahoo Sports Shop for $8.95