Surf Sophistication with Jenni Kayne

Designer Jenni Kayne has done the impossible. She has intertwined the juxtaposing ease of surf culture with structured sportswear to create what she calls Surf Sophistication, her new line for Spring/Summer 2013. Utilizing bright bold colors, this label captures the essence of the go-with-the-flow yet refined California girl.

Bright colors (we're loving the magenta), sleek silhouettes and eye-popping prints enliven this gorgeous collection. At her presentation, Kayne spoke to us about her inspiration, her ideal muse, and how to rock both the surf and the sophisticated sides to her label.

What was your inspiration this season?
I was inspired by surf culture and a little bit of urban sportswear. All the pieces [in the collection] are streamlined, and there are great stripes and ethnic prints.

Who is the ideal Jenni Kayne girl?
I think the Jenni Kayne girl is always looking to her boyfriend or her husband to borrow some great menswear pieces. She appreciates and loves fashion but likes things that are a little more classic and wearable, nothing too precious or prissy.

What are you most looking forward to this week?
Going home [to CA] after this!