Surf’s Up: Brianna Cope on Riding the Waves In and Out of the Water


From the sea to the streets, pro-surfer and Under Armour woman Brianna Cope wills what she wants to stay on top of her game. Glam gets the athlete’s expert advice, from her beauty musts to her wondrous workout, on staying strong and stylish—mind, body, and soul.

What’s been your biggest mountain to overcome physically in your training to become the best surfer you can be?
To keep pushing forward and taking the next steps. Where others quit is where I want to fight harder. Strengthening my willpower has been just as important as strengthening my body. They both feed the other, and my goal is to never be satisfied. I know I can do more, so I will.


What’s been your biggest struggle out of the water when it comes to your career? It’s not having my support system with me on the road. My family and friends are my rock, and Kauai is my heart. Having to travel on my own makes me have to dig deeper and rely upon my own strength and tenacity. This is not just a nine-to-five like Sloane Stephens said. It's a 24/7. The challenges are there, but this is my passion, my mission, my life, and I will what I want.

What does your on-land workout routine consist of?
When I’m not training in the water, I make my cross-training my focus. Functional fitness theories to keep my body lean, powerful, fast, and agile. My trainer, Sundey Dillberg, and I work with TRX Suspension training, ropes, plyometrics, sprint drills, bosu balls, and so on. Metabolic conditioning is really helpful for my endurance. Boxing has also been a big part of my workout. Boxing is great for cardio but also requires strength, speed, power, and reflexes. Boxing engages all the muscles in the body to work!

What are your go-to pieces for each type of training?

TRX, stability balls, sand bells, box jumps, battle ropes, a pull-up bar, a punching bag. I use my own body weight for a lot of my workouts too, to protect myself from injury and ensure I hit all the dynamics of motion, control, speed, and exertion.

What does your daily street style look like?
Right now I am obsessed with the color black. My street style is a Pretty Gritty Under Armour T-shirt or an Under Armour crop top with black Under Armour studio leggings or tights and a pair of Steve Madden boots.

What are five items in your closet and beauty bag you currently can’t live without?
Under Armour bikinis because I live in them, eyeliner, mascara, sunscreen, coconut oil, and my cheetah onesie … haha.

In what way does Under Armour’s “I will what I want” speak to you?
I will what I want speaks to me as an opportunity, an opportunity to never give up. Everyone has obstacles, but it is finding the inner “will” to get through them. It reminds me that struggle brings success. I will what I want is my inner voice telling me to stop second-guessing and that I deserve the reward of getting past my struggles. I will what I want defines my willingness to step beyond my comfort zone to reach my goals. I choose to be strong. I choose to be challenged. I know deep down if I believe in myself and I want something, I have the power to go and get it.