Susie Bubble Lets Us In


Susanna Lau made a name for herself behind the blog, Susie Bubble, and now, she’s letting us into her bubble, er, world with her latest project: a book!

“There is a reason why I’m confuzzling you all on Instagram… with my jaunty travels from Sydney to Tokyo and now to Hong Kong,” she posted on her blog. “The reason being is that I’m gathering pics and words galore for my upcoming book. Yes, I’m writing book.”

“Has it been formally announced?” the 30-year-old continued. “I don’t think so… does it require a formal announcement? Probably not. And for good reason too seeing as I haven’t quite formulated the right words (or media blurb) to describe this thing that I’m penning.”

If she chooses to go the Alexa Chungroute and dedicate her tome to things she loves, we can look to her Instagram for a peek of what’s to come: whimsical jaunts, funky sunglasses and a peek at her awesome wardrobe.

We wish her all the best and can't wait to add this to our coffee tables!