Suzy Menkes Wants You to Walk Out in the Sunshine


Consider this the haul of all hauls. International Herald Tribune fashion reporter turned international fashion editor of the International New York Times, Suzy Menkes, is auctioning off her collection of vintage pieces. And it’s all in the interest of making others happy.

“I’ve never thrown anything out of my wardrobe since 1964,” the British writer told Elle UK. “If I had a large open space in my home, I would dedicate it, like an art gallery, to my collection. But there is something sad about clothes laid in tombs of trunks. They need to live again and this auction provides the opportunity for them to walk out in the sunshine, to dance the night away and give someone else the joy they gave to me.”

…We would gladly volunteer for this position, Ms. Menkes.

Christie’s will host the auction, titled, ‘In My Fashion: The Suzy Menkes Collection,’ from July 11-22. Her 80-piece collection boasts of everything from Ossie swirling print dresses to Yves Saint Laurent trouser suits and Chanel bags to Hermes scarves.

Here’s the best part: fashion lovers everywhere can participate in the bidding process as the auction is taking place online. Prices are expected to start at a very reasonable (considering Menkes’ wealth of knowledge) $300.