T.J.Maxx Proves Women All Over Are Maxxinistas


Though we've long been of the mindset that dressing is thrilling, shopping is beyond exciting, and creating outfits is the ideal way to spend our free time, apparently now women all over are officially joining in on the fun.

In a recent study coordinated by T.J.Maxx, Dr. Hazel Clark found that 88% of women dress for themselves as opposed to others and 77% of women use fashion to express their personality.

To review the findings—and chat about fashion over breakfast at the Andaz Hotel in NYC—we joined T.J.Maxx, Dr. Clark and stylist Leslie Fremar to discuss everything from personal style, to how social media has changed fashion, to how women are now style chameleons. Below, a few of our favorite moments from the delightful breakfast panel:

  • When women get dressed in the morning, 62% consider it an opportunity to express how they feel that day.
  • 88% of women dress for themselves, while only 25% dress to fit in.
  • “You can love something but it might not work. It's about understanding yourself and your message to feel and look your best.”
  • “The study found that women aren’t siloed by style profiles. They see themselves as fashion chameleons.” – Dr. Clark
  • Fremar sees social media as eye opening. It helps women make fashion decisions for themselves as opposed to listening to a few thought leaders.
  • “Women are empowered by fashion, not confined by it.” – Dr. Clark
  • Fremar's favorite part of shopping T.J.Maxx: amazingly priced designer pieces organized by your size. “It's like your own closet!”