Talking Babies, Project Runway All Stars, and the Possibility of a Marchesa Line for Kids with Georgina Chapman


As one of the judges for “Project Runway All Stars,” Georgina Chapman juggles her time between as a designer, mother, reality TV star, and devoted wife, all while appearing absolutely flawless and acting completely engaging.

To add to her busy schedule, Chapman and her design partner, Keren Craig took part in a documentary all about their brand, aptly titled Project Runway Spotlight: Marchesa. In anticipation of of the special, we chatted with Chapman about the judging process, her dream guest judge, and the possibility of a Marchesa line for children!

On what to expect in the documentary:

There were no curveballs because I lived it. It was interesting seeing life like a fly on the wall. It’s a strange thing to sit back and see yourself in the mirror like that. As far as surprises that’s my day-to-day life and it’s pretty accurate what they depict.

On leaving her own personal taste out of judging:

I don’t even compare it to my own work because people have different aesthetics. That’s what I love about being a judge. I get exposed to different ideas and views and I find that exciting. I can appreciate construction and design detail. I can like something even though I would never design it or wear it. That’s not to say I don’t like it.

On her dream guest judge:

Sadly she’s passed, but I would love to have had Isabella Blow [on the show.]

On expanding Marchesa for children:

I would love to one day but I don’t know if I will anytime soon.

On how pregnancy affects the design process:

I sometimes feel at my most creative when I’m pregnant because I am physically creating. I just keep going – the show must go on. Obviously some days you’re more tired than you would be. I love tapping into that energy because I feel [creativity] is what my entire physical being is about right now.

On her daugther’s love for fashion:

She loves fashion already. She strokes the dresses and says, 'Beautiful dresses, mummy.’