Talking Hair Crushes and Good Hair Day Secrets with Jennifer Aniston


To launch her new web series with Living Proof, Glam had the opportunity to chat with Jennifer Aniston about all things hair: from the craziest moments her strands have endured to the celebrity's tresses she'd most like to steal!

On her secret to a good hair day:

“A trim is a guarantee for any good hair day. I usually resist those because I'm so┬ádesperately┬átrying to get my hair to grow back from the damn bob he [Chris McMillan] gave me. There are days when the hair goes up in a twistie. It happens.”

On her partnership with Living Proof:

“Because of how much damange my hair has endured because of all the blow drying and pulling and tugging, my hair couldn't get healthy. In spite of all of the products that claim they'll bring life back to your hair, it never really did over the long term. What was great about Living Proof is that after I used it for a good couple months, it really did allow me to grow my hair. You don't have to wash it as often because there's no silicon which is a dirt attracter.”

On her craziest hair moment:

“My crazy hair moments happened when I was a teen. I had really great long hair that my mom said, 'You're not allowed to cut this or do anything to your hair until you're 13 years old.' Of course, I turned 13, and all your judgement goes out the window. I ended up with hair to here (points to shoulders) to here (points across brow.) I was obsessed with Valerie Bertinelli so I took a photo of her into a salon and I came out with a mullet.”

On five beauty tricks she's learned from friends:

  1. Vaseline on your eyes at night to moisturize your lashes and skin around your eyes.
  2. Drink water water water.
  3. Sleep sleep sleep.
  4. Aloe vera in hand lotion.
  5. Avocado masks

On her hair crushes:

“I always loved Kate Moss' hair. And Gisele's.”

There you have it. Even the woman who all other women look up to when it comes to the perfect set of strands has a hair crush.