Tamara Mellon Doesn’t Believe in Fashion Seasons


In 2011, Tamara Mellon left her position as the co-founder and CCO of Jimmy Choo, however that clearly wasn't the end of her existence in fashion. After a brief respite in which she studied the industry and shoppers' habits, Mellon is back – with a brand new vision.

Instead of simply launching her own line, Mellon has decided to completely re-imagine the way that fashion and retail is structured. Where designers create collections for future seasons, Mellon wants to focus on a “buy now, wear now” mentality, tapping into immediate gratification for shoppers. After all, who really wants to buy bathing suits in the winter and sweaters in the summer? Much like Zara's current model, Mellon's collection will “drop” new pieces every month, allowing for her consumers to buy the items they want to currently wear, instead of thinking ahead to different seasons.

Mellon debuted her premiere collection, which includes a variety of items including ready to wear, handbags and shoes with a future in fragrance, sunglasses and cosmetics. Prices will range from $295 to $4,500. To begin, her collection will be available via e-commerce and hopefully additional retailers, but she'll expand into two boutiques located in London and New York beginning in 2014, with plans to grow.