Tap into Gap’s Reserve


Gap Inc. is hoping that you fall into the Gap… and stay there with the addition of innovative initiatives to draw customers in. Namely, a new program, Reserve, that allows shoppers to find an item online and pick it up in stores.

Reserve “determines where a shopper is and, on real-time basis, tells them the nearest store to find that item, in the color and size that they want,” Women’s Wear Daily reported. It even notes how many units are left in a particular store, you know, just to be sure it’s worth the trip.

Sounds easy, right? “You go onto the Web site, and reserve it. Store personnel picks the item and takes it off the selling floor,” Art Peck, Gap Inc.’s president of growth, innovation, and digital told WWD. “You get a confirmation that it’s been done. It’s reserved until the close of the next business day.”

We will test these new system out and report back. Stay tuned…