Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Yes, I'm late. I've seen all of the movies, but now I'm in the midst of reading the novels (still working on finishing Eclipse, actually.) Thing is, I can't say which guy I like for Bella more. Edward is certainly handsome, and very protective of her, but Jacob is beyond hot and just as defensive of Bella, and he's actually alive. (The whole dating-the-dead thing really creeps me out.)

One thing I do know? Bella definitely needs to spruce it up a bit. For starters, she should live up to her name. Bella translates to beauty, yes? Thankfully Luna Twilight decided to help our heroine out; they've created two palettes for Bella to choose from: the Team Edward vs. the Team Jacob (both $28 at Edward's palette is a collection of cool, frosty eyeshadow hues and a soft dusty rose blush; Jacob's palette is an assortment of warmer shadow shades and a healthy, natural-looking pink blusher.

Which look would you pick for Bella (or yourself!)? Which beauty team are you on?
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