Tegan and Sara Get Dancey for ‘Heartthrob’


Tegan and Sara's next album, Heartthrob is due January 29th, and it's not entirely the type of indie rock we're used to hearing from the Canadian sisters (though continue to expect heart wrenching, sensitive, relatable verses…who didn't have a “I totally get it!” to their So Jealous lyrics?). Like many alternative artists have been doing as of late, the girls have hopped aboard the dance craze of our modern musical culture, perhaps not head first but at least dipping their feet into the genre by incorporating synthetic elements and heavier bass and drum into their latest tracks. We like the touch of reinvention. Tegan and Sara have been quite adventurous as of late, recently collaborating with David Guetta on the club worthy song “Every Chance We Get We Run,” not what you would have expected from two ladies who rose to fame strumming on a couple of guitars and singing about heartache and the pains of growing up . The 9 exciting songs on Heartthrob still feature Tegan and Sara-esque lyrics on love and love lost, but the tempos are a bit more upbeat, hooks more catchy, and the vibe more pop oriented. Listen to the tracks before they go on sale here!