Temple St. Clair for Target

Looking for chic baubles to update your fall wardrobe? Target's latest design collection with renowned jewelry designer Temple St. Claire is the perfect way to accent your look. The collection, which launched on August 29th, includes rings, necklaces, and earrings that are both bold and elegant. Priced between $29.99- $49.99, these gems are an affordable way to make a statement . Pick up your own Temple St. Clair trinkets at Target.com and Target stores nationwide.

1. Temple St. Clair Angle Wing Necklace, $39.99
2. Temple St. Clair 5 Charm Necklace s, $49.99
3. Temple St. Clair Jeweled Pomegranate Earrings, $29.99
4. Temple St. Clair Blue Stone Fashion Ring, $29.90
5. Temple St. Clair 3 Stone Fashion Ring, $29.99