Terry De Gunzburg is Giving French Lessons in Martha Stewart Living


In the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living, By Terry founder Terry De Gunzburg is giving readers a peek at a few of her favorite buys just like Martha Stewart. The owner of the French makeup brand dishes in the magazine that her favorite products include J.Crewenamel bracelets and scented lip balm that is a mixture of pure shea butter and rose oil that Terry initially created just for herself. “My lips always need moisture, but I can't tolerate lanolin and mineral oil,” she said in the glossy. “[It] took more than two years to perfect but it was worth the effort. It's a favorite of makeup artists.” She shares more of her favorites things, spilling secrets along the way, including how she had a hand in creating YSL's legendary Touche Éclat, proving why she is able to connect with women through her line. With her kind of expertise, we'll be adding some of her favorite things to our shopping list.