Thakoon Has An Addition (or 10) To Your Shoe Collection


Thakoon Panichgul is giving new meaning to our favorite mantra: “Never enough shoes.” As we continue to expand our shoe collections, it appears that Thakoon will be a natural “addition” to our footwear repertoires. The contemporary designer has capitalized on the idea behind his Thakoon Addition line by adding footwear to the collection. Already stocked in 150 stores, Addition is in expansion mode, WWD reports, and shoes are a major part of Panichgul’s strategy in an increasingly integral segment of the market.

The 10-style collection of Addition shoes runs for $375-$565 and captures Thakoons super cool contemporary aesthetic. The designer himself explains that the Addition customer is “looking for fashion, comfort and something she’s going to wear everyday. There is a sense of whimsy that comes with our collection that she likes as well. And she is interested in new ideas. For the resort and spring collections, for example, we’re introducing [innovative] styles and mixing them with traditional elements.” In short, expect to see interesting spins on the loafer and regular-old booties—probably in the shape of flatforms. He’ll be combining texture and color for upcoming collections, and rest assured that the idea of boy-meets-girl will always be present.

Addition footwear (debuting for the pre-fall season) will be sold at many of Thakoon’s existing retailers including Harvey Nichols,, Forty Five Ten in Dallas and Saks Fifth Avenue. According to Thakoon himself, the right time to introduce footwear “was a combination of things. We didn’t have shoes to complete the outfit. That was an important part of it. Also, we found the right partner: Six London. They are a niche, cool company. They understand my sensibility.” As do we.