That Kate Moss Playboy Cover Rumor? Could Be a Reality!


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Earlier in the year, it was hard to ignore the rumors that Kate Moss had plans to pose for Playboy’s 60th anniversary issue. Apparently, she was set to work with photographers Mert and Marcus Piggott in London, for a shoot styled by W’sAlex White. Pretty detailed for a rumor, right?

Well, it's a rumor no more! Talented hairstylist, Oribe, told Refinery 29 that not only was he was in charge of Moss’ ‘do for the spread, but the shoot for the cover already took place!

If the Playboy moment does turn out to be true—which at this point, we're leaning more towards fact as opposed to rumor—the anniversary issue would coincide with the supermodel's 40th birthday, which could be a nice way to show you've still got it. As if Moss could ever lose it.