The 10 Best Celebrity Moments From the 2014 Costume Designers Guild Awards


While it's an actor's duty to transform into a certain role, the costume he or she dons for it is what really makes the character come to life. The 16th Costume Designers Guild Awards celebrated this truth on the evening of February 22, 2014, honoring the on-set stylists who help make movie magic happen. From silly stories to special sentiments, we've rounded up the best moments of the night from the stars who came to show their appreciation.

1. Joshuan Malina's intro
The Scandal actor started off the show with a very funny costume designer styled joke. “I’m Joshua Malina,” he said smiling, “and I’m a 42 regular. I have a 32 inch waist and a 30 inch inseam. I said 30 inches. Don’t judge. We’re all God’s creatures.”

2. Mindy Kaling gets candid
While introducing her dear friend the president of the CDG, Salvador Perez, Kaling shared her own appreciation for the work that costume designers and stylists do. She thanked Perez for creating her sparkling turquoise blue gown for the evening and, more importantly, for helping her choose the compression girdle garment she was wearing underneath it!

3. Raquel Welch thanks costume designers for her success
I think it's safe to call former model and actress Raquel Welch the eighth wonder of the world–she's witty, humble, and seems to get even more beautiful with age. Welch reminded the audience to “never underestimate the power of a killer costume,” even claiming that she owes her career to the fur bikini she wore in 1966's One Million Years B.C. “God was good to me,” Welch continued, “but it was the costume designers who knew where and how to apply the frosting.”

4. Jonah Hill gets sentimental
As an example of how the right costume ended up making all the difference in his own career, Hill shared that the Richard Pryor T-shirt he wore for his breakout role in Superbad was specifically chosen to help distinguish his character's personality. The tee became so iconic that a copy of it was later sold at Urban Outfitters. This story is especially important to Hill because his mother worked as a stylist for shows like Taxi while he was growing up. So he understood from a very early age “that no actor is anything without the collaboration between himself and the costume designer.”

5. Judd Apatow is captivated by Welch
Apatow took the stage as the evening's CDGA Distinguished Collaborator Honoree and immediately expressed feelings that everyone else in the room was no doubt having as well: Raquel Welch is still a bombshell. “My daughter is 16 and she isn't aging as well as her,” the director joked.

6. Kerry Washington makes an appearance
A pregnant Washington, looking like a princess in an-off-the-shoulder Thakoon gown, didn't stay long at the CDGAs because she had the 45th Annual NAACP Awards to go to, but she did make a quick stop in to present Patricia Norris (12 Years a Slave) with the award for Excellence in a Period Film. Any time the stylish and stunning Scandal actress makes a public appearance, we consider our day a win.

7. Will Forte and June Squibb get cheeky
Before presenting the award for Excellence in a Fantasy Film to a hoarse but beautifully dressed Trish Summerville for her work on Catching Fire,these two actors got a little risque while discussing their own costume fantasies. Forte even called Squibb a “dirty, sexy old woman.”

8. Tony Hale says it as it is
While presenting the award for Excellence in Contemporary Film with Olivia Munn, Hale got straight to the point. “You worked your asses off. You're exhausted. ” He continued by bringing up on of the biggest challenges costume designers face on the set, “No budget. I know what you're thinking. Let's reduce the actors' salaries so I can do my job right!”

9. Jeremy Renner' roasts his costar
Who would have thought that Renner had jokes! The Hurt Locker actor went off script to lovingly poke fun at his American Hustle co-star, Amy Adams, asking if her curly haired headshot was taken in the '80s. When the teleprompter was blocked momentarily by a duo crossing the room, he even threatened to fight them in the parking lot after the event!

10. Amy Adams leaves us with her lessons
Wearing a Kristin Burke blue-green gown, Adams thanked the audience for honoring her with the Lacoste Spotlight Award, granted to an actor or actress each year “whose talent and career personifies an enduring commitment to excellence, including a special awareness of the role and importance of costume design.” The Her actress admitted that the costume designers she's worked with have been one of her most important influences on a film set. She even shared some of the special lessons they've taught her. 1. Don't lie about your measurements. 2. Don't complain about a 5:45 a.m. call time, because it probably meant that the designers were there at 3:45 a.m. 3. Always ask for a lingerie bag. 4. Always wear undergarments to a fitting. 5. And, most importantly, clothing is a language, but costume is an art.

image via Stefanie Keenan