The 5 Most Unusual Makeup Application Tips from Artists


The number one rule for makeup is that there are no rules; any product you can get you hands on can be worked in a multitude of ways. The words on the packaging shouldn’t matter when using your face (or someone else’s) as a canvas to create something amazing. As such, The New York Timesfound few tips from some of the top makeup artists in the industry, and we wanted to share our favorites to help you break a few beauty “rules.”

Make Your Own Multiple – Before François Nars changed the game with his makeup must have, he only had his lipstick in Tangier. The bronze hue made Carolyn Murphy’s lips, lids, and cheeks glow, sparking the initial idea! You can do the same if you’re in a pinch with a soft pink (but pigmented) lipstick you can dot on your lids and cheeks; just blend it with your finger.

Give It Some Glisten – The wet look adds extra edge to your average eye look, but you don’t have to look far to achieve it. “I use lip gloss or a thick balm like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream,” said Pati Dubroff. “I’ve also used a dark lip gloss over a smudged eye pencil for a sultry look. The lids look wet. The stuff slides around, but it looks great.” Another option: Vaseline that you can even use – lightly – on the skin to make it dewy!

Shake Up Your Shadows – A shimmering shadow can be your secret ingredient in creating a luminous look! Derek Selby, national retail director for Cover FX, likes to mix a loose version into body lotion to give you that glow on the go. “For day I might do three parts lotion to one part powder,” he said. “For night I’ve done the opposite, using three parts powder to one part lotion.” You can also dust a bit on the tops of your cheeks as a matte highlighter.

Nail Your Own Customized Color – There’s been many times when we’ve seen a shadow and wished we could rock it on our tips and toes, and all it takes is a spare clear top coat. Celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik becomes a mad scientist of lacquer, mixing shadows in the topcoat or even a colored nail polish to shift the shade. “Start with a little bit and shake it up,” he said. If you can’t commit to a full bottle, you can pour some into a small mixing cup to combine and apply.

Fatten Up Your Follicles – Neutral shadows are great for a no-makeup makeup look but can ensure your strands look lush – no extensions necessary. “Tap an eye shadow on the hairline or on a severe part to make the hair look fuller,” said Brooklyn-based beauty guru Jessa Blades. “Keep in mind that the shadow should be matte, no glitter. Use a fluffy blending brush.” Kathy Jeung says you can bump up your brows the same way, just go one shade lighter, and use and a stiff angled brush to apply in the direction of its growth.