The 8 Things We Learned from Andre Leon Talley’s Lunch with Valentino & the Kardashians


Per the request of Anna Wintour, Valentino hosted the Kardashian krew at his decadent home in France on the afternoon before the #KimyeWedding. Knowing his audience, Andre Leon Talley returned from the adventure and immediately filed a story for Vogue, leading to a delectable essay, full of information provided in the entertaining way we all have come to know and love from ALT. Here are eight things we learned from his dispatch:

1. Even though the wedding is reportedly not being filmed for television, that doesn't mean it's not being filmed in general. “The soon-to-be newlyweds arrived with their own personal photographer and film crews to record these special memories, which was like a family affair.”

2. Prepare to see long, lace dresses everywhere. “Fashion alert! Clearly the Kardashian sisters are bringing back maxi fashion by wearing long lace dresses for day.”

3. Pilates is the exercise of choice for Valentino, Kris and Kim. “Valentino shared he does it every day with trainers in New York, London, and Paris, while Kris was questioning and seeking advice on where to put her new Pilates equipment at home. Kim discovered Pilates during her pregnancy with daughter North.”

4. Despite the fact that Valentino shared how important he views food, Kim refrained from eating much. Oh, and North loves chocolate. “As courses were served, Kim got up to feed baby North between the first and second, then as she sat down, she took a small bite of the goat cheese in a puff pastry as Khloé took holding duty. By dessert time, North was nibbling on Valentino’s dark chocolate from a beautiful dish, and I heard her say “Pa,” looking for her father.”

5. Lunch was a three course affair: artichoke hearts salad and poached egg with hollandaise, baked sea bass with zucchini sliced to simulate fish scales, a mix of vegetable tempura , and a typical saffron risotto Milanese, followed by “a cake that said “Kanye and Kim” with arrows and hearts in a sugar-free cake, made with Xyla, as substitute for sugar” and “a blown sugar bowl, something out of this world of marvel as subtly filled with peach and lychee sorbet.”

6. This was no dry affair. “Wines flowed from the Fabergé decanters, two at my table: a red Brunello di Montalcino, 2006, and Gavi di Gavi, 2009. There was also a rosé Gosset Champagne (2012), and the white (2013).”

7. Kanye West wore a grill to lunch at Valentino's. “This cat had a solid pavé diamond and gold grill inlaid on his bottom molars.”

8 . Even the family is clueless as to the wedding plans. “Destination unknown to every guest, who gets his own personal security and chauffer. Each guest has his own personal chauffeur with an S500 Hybrid Mercedes-Benz.”

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