‘The After Wife’ Tale of Love and Loss, L.A. Style

Imagine waking up with the perfect job, in the perfect Santa Monica abode, next to your good-lookin' — and good cookin' — perfect husband. Then, imagine that picture-perfect setting snatched away when your husband gets killed en route to the farmer's market where he was prepping a weekend breakfast for you and your perfect little girl. That's exactly what happens to Hannah Bernal, the 40-something television producer who, up until then, enjoyed life at work and the security of a stay-at-home dad who kept her bungalow (known as “Casa Sugar”), three-year-old Ellie, and family dog intact. Set this tale against the backdrop of a superficial, widows-not-welcome Los Angeles, and you've got the fixings for a laugh — and cry — out loud summer read that'll keep you turning the page.

Gigi Lavangie Grazer, author of best-selling book The Starter Wife, sets the initial pages of The After Wife up with plenty of tears, then refocuses our energy as we root for Hannah to regain a sense of self after the unexpected loss of her celeb-chef husband, John. Her road to recovery is sprinkled with plenty of dark comedy, courtesy of yoga and widow weight loss, her stylish tot Ellie (whose closet rivals that of the former TomKat's Suri), and her newfound ability to communicate with the dead, John included. Carried by her three-man “Grief-Team,” her fabulous production partner Jay, tree-hugging Chloe, and that Angelina's not-so-famous older sis Aimee, Hannah struggles to find the meaning of her own life after the death of her beloved husband. After jeopardizing her job, home, and daughter, Hannah must embark on the ultimate quest to define her own love and life, both lost and found, in the heart of L.A.

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