The Best Taxi Ride Period with U by Kotex and Khloé Kardashian Odom

At the start of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week designers, editors and fashionistas alike faced the dilemma of how to get around the city. Luckily, U by Kotex brand ambassador Khloé Kardashian Odom helped to launch a fleet of stylish U by Kotex branded taxis to give free rides for frock stars to the city’s fashionable hotspots through February 16. The best part? Each time someone took a ride, the feminine care brand made a donation up to $100,000 to Girls for a Change, an organization that empowers girls through leadership and social change in their communities. Last week, Glam got the chance to take a ride in one of the Kotex cabs after chatting with the reality star about her partnership with the brand, the next season of Khloé and Lamar, and the possibility of following in Patricia Fields’ footsteps.

How did you get involved with U by Kotex?
This is actually my second year being a part of the U by Kotex brand. I love being a part of organizations that I am a firm believer in, and U by Kotex is a brand that really embodies women’s empowerment. Even with these Patricia Field pieces that hide your little tampons and pads that are so cute. I have two younger sisters and I remember the first time I did this, they were going through their puberty phase. I felt so compelled because I could relate so much. I remember how uncomfortable they were, and they didn’t want to talk to anyone especially my mom, so I love how comfortable and how fun I feel like Kotex is making this situation. Even the packaging and everything, especially in school – you can easily imagine how mean high school is and let alone this time in your life. But I also love that U by Kotex partners up with such phenomenal charities like Girls for a Change. [They] are all about growth, making a change in their community, and having a voice, and I’m all for that. Of course I have a strong voice so I love that I relate so much to both brands and organizations. That’s why I want to bring attention to body issues and making all girls, even adults, feel comfortable about talking about their bodies.

Were you planning on going to any shows this Fashion Week?
No, I’m actually flying back to Dallas because my hubby is coming back after his game. We have a little rule that whenever he’s at home, I’m at home wherever that is, but that’s Dallas now. And whenever he’s on the road, then I go on the road, and it’s been working.

That’s great! Does it make things easier for the both of you?
It’s difficult for me, but you know what, Lamar’s my priority and my family’s my priority, and I want him to always feel that way. I’m so blessed to be able to have people be flexible towards my schedule. My sisters and I, we designed clothes or nail polishes, and those people worked so well with my schedule, and were so respectful of the fact that I go to L.A. at least once every 10 days, but I do it when Lamar is on the road. So they’re great in working around my schedule.

What is everyone going to see on the next season of Khloé and Lamar?
Oh my God, it’s crazy because we started off this season filming like, “Oh yay, so much free time! NBA lockout, we’re going to be able to do so much stuff!” And then the lockout ends and possibly moving to New Orleans with the trade, and then we end up moving to Dallas is all of that is going to be on the show. It adds another level of stress because now you have all of these cameras around you, but it’s also reality. I don’t really think anyone gets to see that side of how stressful it is, getting packed and ready to leave within 24 hours and knowing you’re moving to a new city. I’d never been to Texas, so I’m like, “How do I find out where do I live; how do I drive anywhere; where’s the grocery store?” You get to see all of that. Robert, my brother who was on Dancing with the Stars, you get to see him moving out of our house and really coming into his own.

In terms of beauty, what are the top three things you always keep in your purse?
I always have my fragrance, Unbreakable Bond; I have a bottle in my purse now. I always love to smell good. And with so much traveling, you just feel kind of dirty. So I always like to spritz myself and smell good. I’m Armenian, so I’m very oily, so I always have blotting paper and always a lip gloss or lipstick.

Would you be interested in designing a few tins for U by Kotex?
I don’t know, but honestly Patricia Fields with these tins, they are pretty remarkable. It would be a tough act to follow, but I hope so! If I were asked, I would have no problem. That’s one thing that I think is so cool is that they’re always evolving and trying to think of the next new thing to still be discreet, cute but also let it be ok. These are so cute, who wouldn’t love to have these in their purse? I think they’re so cute; maybe I’ll be able to design them one day.

Want to see how U by Kotex helped to Ban the Bland during Fashion Week? Check out the video below: