The Biebs Channels 1995;Meets a World Leader In Overalls

Uh-oh overalls; gone with the days of boy bands, nintendo and Slime Time Live (and Justin Bobby! Remember him?). Or so we thought. Maybe we weren't over it (all) after all. Justin Bieber kept it classy in a pair of Oshkosh overalls when he met the Prime Minister of Canada November 24th in Ottowa. The artist accepted his Diamond Jubilee award in the untraditional get-up, tweeting this picture of his look with the caption “I met the Prime Minister in overalls lol. I hope you hate my style.” Seeing that he was born in 1994, he probably missed the first wave of when overalls were the cool kids' go-to, so we'll take it easy on him.

If you're a belieber, we've got you covered. Blue is in Fashion has some overall inspiration for you to get the Biebs look. We didn't spot any of the women donning his striped Oshkosh pair, unfortunately. But with these fitted denim and edgy leather silhouettes, you won't miss them. While we still wouldn't meet the leader of our country in them, we've never seen overalls look so chic. Justin had us pretty wary, but with these ladies as our inspirations, we can definitely work with this throwback style.

The Biebs isn't the only celebrity channeling the 90's. Check out Rihanna in Cher Horowitz's “Clueless” dress.

image via Blue is in Fashion This Year