The Boo Challenge: Style Your Guy


Jeans // Blazer // Button Down // Sweater // Shoes // Socks

If you're one of the lucky ones who has a boyfriend that bends to your sartorial wishes, or already has a strong style game on his own, this post is for you. For those unattached, here's a bit of inspirational dream-casting.

Target has been a go-to store for the ladies for quite some time now. Between beauty steals, fashion finds, and designer collaborations, it's impossible to walk out of the store without spending at least $100. (You know we're right.) But this doens't mean you should be slacking on the men's section! Your bae can benefit from Target's goodies just as much as you. Here's an outfit that's ideal for that apple picking afternoon at the orchard. You know, the one that you've been planning since mid-August, don't lie. Tempt him with the promise of comfortable jeans and then win him over with the magical layering of checked button down, printed sweater, and quilted blazer.