The Curious Case of the Saint Laurent Sketches


Where in the world is the catalog of drawings created by French designer Yves Saint Laurent?

Well, YSL’s former lover (and driver) Fabrice Thomashad the illustrations but claims they were a gift from Saint Laurent before giving them to a German businessman. The problem is that the designer’s business (and life) partner Pierre Bergé claims the illustrations were stolen and a police report was filed.

French Vanity Fair explores the mystery in their second issue and Thomas is speaking out. “Why should I worry,” he told the glossy. “I can explain everything. I am not a thief. And for Saint Laurent, I was much more than a chauffeur.” Thomas said during his testimony when summoned by the Paris prosecutor’s in May. “He took care of me like a brother,” Thomas said of the German businessman, Lothar Gallinat. “That’s why I gave him my drawings. In 1994.”

Galliant declined to give his side of the story—though someone representing him told Women’s Wear Daily that a London gallery offered $385,000 for the drawings—and Thomas hopes to clear his name with a book about his life and maybe even a biopic. We'll keep watch as the mystery continues to unravel.