The Curly Girl’s Guide to Summer


Summer’s rising temperatures and humidity put many hair types as risk for frizz, but curls and textured strands can come with their own set of issues. Variables like hair length, shape, density, as well as the products we use can turn a good hair day into bad one. Glam turned to Sally Hershberger Senior Stylist, Rueben Colon, for a few do’s and don’ts to save us curly girls from the aggravation of struggling with our strands this summer.

Don’t have your hair cut too short – Curls are very deceiving and shrink a lot, so be sure to have your stylist cut your hair dry so there’s no risk of cutting off too much.

Do have hair products that have powerful frizz fighters – A curly girl should have two of Colon’s favorite products, Sally Hershberger’s Glam Waves Texture Spray and Curvaceous Curl Cream. Both protect hair from humidity to prevent frizz and add shine.

Don’t shampoo your hair every day – Most people tend to shampoo their hair too much, once a week is fine. Keeping the hair conditioned is a bigger priority, use a great leave-in conditioner so your hair can retain.

Don’t opt for a dry shampoo – Dry shampoos don’t work for curly hair and can’t reduce the shine, making the hair look dry.

Do let your curls run free – Curls don’t have to be symmetrical. Allow your tresses to get a little messy and irregular. It will turn out much more natural and give you a cool Bohemian look.