The Diva Music Video Showdown

Within just a few days of one another, two of the biggest pop stars in the world released music videos for their newest songs: Britney Spears“Criminal” and Beyonce’s “Love on Top.” How do they compare with one another? Well for starters, they are completely different.

Britney Spears’ fourth music video from Femme Fatale is a remake (of sorts) of Bonnie and Clyde. Brit starts the video with a rich snobby boyfriend who hurts her and calls her names. But she is quickly rescued by a good-looking, mysterious man who turns out to be a criminal. And I’m sure the rest is easy to figure out.

Even with the obvious plot line, the Britney's signature touch is evident throughout the video: controversial steamy scenes — this time with her real-life boyfriend Jason Trawick.

This epic mini-film definitely has impressive production values. Spears is clearly having fun with her songs again and it really shows in both this video and the full Femme Fatale album.

Beyoncé has also released her fourth single off her newest album 4. “Love on Top” fits Queen B’s personality perfectly; with her marriage to Jay-Z and the announcement of her pregnancy.

The video strips Beyoncé of expensive sets and a complicated storyline. It's just Beyoncé with a microphone, standing in only a leotard and a hat. There are some fun throwbacks to old eras of the past but the change in the video fits the song which is itself a throwback to 80s up-tempo ballads from greats like Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston.

Some are calling the video a remake of the “If It Isn’t Love” video from the 80s group New Edition. But the only similarities we at Glam see is the setting of both videos. If anything, “Love on Top” is an homage to New Edition’s hit. Beyoncé’s new single shows off her amazing voice and it is yet another hit off her surprisingly eclectic album.

The new videos are perfect examples of why these divas are so popular, so it’s too hard to judge which is better. But what we can say for sure is that we cannot wait to see what each does next.