The Fabulous History of the Half Moon Manicure


IN FASHION, THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN. Just about every trend that seems fresh and new these days can be traced back to history – from the shoes on our feet to the way we wear our hair, and all points in between. Take for example, the latest nail craze – the half moon manicure. This trend began way back in the 1920’s and remained popular through the 1940’s. According to vintage blog Cherry Marmalade it was popular then to leave the half moon at the base of the nail as well as the tip of the nail bare.

What’s old is new again and now the vintage half moon manicure has been updated with bright colors and new finishes. It’s been reinvented by triangles instead of half moons for a chevron effect or by using contrasting finishes to create a monochromatic mani that blends matte polish with shiny.

I recently got my first ever half moon manicure at Umberto Beverly Hills, and it was incredible to watch how it was done freehand, no tape necessary. First the gold glitter polish was applied over the whole nail, and then the purple was layered on just at the ends, creating a half-moon shape that my nails don’t actually have. I believe we used colors from OPI’s Skyfall collection, so this would then be Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies. I’ve been rocking the combo for a week and have gotten so many compliments on my nails! There are a few ways to DIY the look – some nail artists use painter’s tape, while others use hole puncher reinforcement stickers, the kind you buy at a stationery or office supply store.

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