The Fashion Show Finalists Make a Statement

Jeffrey Williams, Dominique Pearl David, and Calvin Tran

Though The Fashion Show finale airs tonight, we had the opportunity to join finalists Jeffrey Williams, Dominique Pearl David, and Calvin Tran for lunch at the Bravo offices yesterday. Though the designers knew the outcome, they remained mum on who won the $125,000 prize. But based on the camaraderie in the room, it seems a bond was formed between the contestants. It's quite apparent that strong opinions were established about hosts Isaac Mizrahi and Iman, who offered their advice and critique all season long.

“I like Iman very much…I think Isaac is a bitch,” said Calvin. “”He misguides designers original thought.” And based on his comments, we're guessing Calvin didn't win. Dominique, for her part, was grateful for the experience. “All of the criticism was very constructive,” she noted.

But what can you expect to see tonight? “I was inspired by my mother, I wanted to make sure it was something I really believed in,” said Jeffery, who used fuchsia, poor, white and gray to convey a calming and upbeat presence. Calvin went against his norm. “It's the anti-Calvin trend–minimalistic,” he noted. “No more drama, no more accessories, just make it simple!” Dominique's final collection was influenced by her own journey. “Silence and Chaos. Silence is the quiet girl I started out as to chaos as a lonely girl in the big city.”

To find out who won The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection tune in to Bravo tonight at 10pm EST. We're putting the smart money on Dominique, though we too will have to wait and see.